1. Definition

The seller is Gullkúnst slf, VAT number 132762 .

The buyer is the person who is a registered buyer on an account. The buyer must be at least 18 years of age to shop on www.gullkunst.is

2. Returns

The return rights is 30 days from the date of delivery. We take into account those who are not home-based at the time.

Goods delivered must be in original condition and in original packaging. Warranty certificates must be included when appropriate. A receipt or invoice must also be included when appropriate.

Products are non-refundable, but only a credit note in our stores.

3. Order

If customers are not residents in the Reykjavík, we can send you rings measurements for free. Please send requests for measurements at gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is.

If the product is not in stock, we can custom-make a comparable product if requested. All requests regarding this should be sent via e-mail gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is

Orders are binding when registered on the seller’s server, after buyer has confirmed the order.

The buyer will receive confirmation of purchase when an order is registered. The buyer is advised to carefully examine the order confirmation when it arrives. It should also be ensured that it is in accordance with the intended order.

The seller is also bound to process the buyer’s order as long as it is in accordance with the product selection and pricing. All orders suspected of being placed in misconduct will be revoked.

The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase within a reasonable time from the time he received information regarding the delivery. According to Article 23 of the Consumer Purchase Act.

One size customisation of rings is included in the purchase price, if made within 3 months of the purchase date. If rings are sent by mail for change, the buyer pays shipping costs.

4. Information

Seller provides information on products to the best of our knowledge at any time.

The seller displays all information subject to errors, viruses, printing, displaying and typing errors in text, prices and images.

It is reiterated that all photographs on this site are published subject to availability of the product in question. If a product is not available, the buyer can choose another comparable product or get the product when it becomes available again in store.

Product selection may vary between online store and stores.

Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to cancel in whole or in part the order of the buyer if the product is sold. Under these circumstances, the buyer will be notified along with information about what might be suitable instead. The buyer will then have the opportunity to accept the proposal or cancel the entire order.

5. Price

Gullkunst.is reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Errors in pricing may occur by accident and are not binding on gullkunst.is and we may change it without further explanation.

Price increases as well as price reductions that occur after a customer’s order are non-refundable. The price which was valid at the time of ordering applies and appears on the booking confirmation.

The total cost is stated before the buyer finally confirms the order.

All prices are in ISK and with value added VAT.

6. Payment

We accept: VISA, Mastercard and American express.

Payment can be made by bank transfer and this option is available by sending an email to gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is.

We offer Visa and Mastercard loans where the payment can be divided according to your needs.

Order is not confirmed until payment is made.

If a sale has occurred and a product is not available, the buyer is offered a refund, another comparable product or to wait for the product to be available again.

7. Delivery and delay

If the delivery is delayed, the seller will notify the buyer along with information on when the order will be ready for delivery or offer replacement products if the product is sold.

The normal delivery time of the product within Iceland is 1-3 business days after the order has been confirmed.

8. Domestic shipping

All products that are shipped via Íslandspóstur, go in warranty mail.

As soon as the shipment is shipped from the seller, it is the buyer’s responsibility.

The seller and the buyer can negotiate other terms regarding shipment guarantee, and the buyer needs to request it specially at gulkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is.

9. International shipping 

For international shipping, the buyer pays the shipping costs, and all the additional costs incurred for shipping.

The seller and the buyer can negotiate separately on the guarantee on the shipment and the buyer needs to request it specially at gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is.

10. Product review

The Customer’s normal revision time is considered to be within 30 days.

After 30 days, the seller reserves the right to verify the buyer’s statement within reasonable time limits before resolving the buyer’s complaint.

11.Product defect

If the product is defective or something is missing from the product, the seller is obliged to offer the buyer a repair or new product.

Notification of defects must be received orally or in writing to gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is. It is recommended that the notification be received within 30 days of the defect being discovered.

The right to repair defective product is 2 years.

The seller reserves the right to verify that the product is defective, however within reasonable time limits.

12. Warranty

The seller’s warranties does not restrict the consumers right according the right stated in the Consumer Purchase Act.

Warranty for defects in a product is 2 years after the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated.

Warranty is not confirmed unless the purchase note or product packaging is presented. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

Warranty will expire if a product has been opened or compromised without the supervision or consent of the seller despite the fact that there was a workshop or licensed practitioner.

The warranty also expires if malfunction can be traced to the buyers malpractice or ill treatment of the product resulting in the subsequent damage.

The seller is not obliged to participate in repair costs after a 2-year warranty period.

The Seller reserves the right to verify that a defect or failure is subject to the warranty terms, however within reasonable time limits.

13. Data protection

www.gullkunst.is handles personal information and data in accordance with act no. 77/2000 on data privacy and the processing of personal information.

Personal information is stored in the database of www.gullkunst.is and is by no means accessible to third parties. When purchasing a product or service, the customer agrees that the company collects and processes personal information from the company’s database.

www.gullkunst.is will not under any circumstances store any credit card information of the Buyer, as the Buyer will automatically go to the secure payment page of Borgun and process payment for the purchase there.

Your access and use of www.gullkunst.is is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. These terms may change from time to time without notice.

14. Solution of differences 

We shall strive to solve all issues in the simplest way.

If this is not possible, the matter can be brought to the Icelandic Consumer Association.

As a last resort you can go to court. This shall be done in Icelandic jurisdiction and in the jurisdiction of the seller.

15. Services and information

If you have any questions about the content on this website, you are welcome to contact us at gullkunst@de3a1d.janek.shared.1984.is. We will answer all your inquiries with pleasure within 2 working days.